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Welcome to The Hamilton Project! Hamilton: An American Musical, is a show that follows the life of the United States first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. It became a worldwide sensation and has since won numerous awards. Our aim with this project is to analyze Lin-Manuel Miranda's intricate lyrics in order to gain a better understanding of the history, the characters, and the story itself.

Overall, we discovered that the main characters, such as Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, were speaking, referencing other characters, and being referenced the most, as we expected, due to their importance and prominence in the musical. Also, we discovered the phrases/words "my shot", "wait", and "time" were the most common phrases throughout the musical. Each phrase can be connected to particular characters (e.g. Hamilton with "my shot") and conveyed major themes in the show (e.g. how precious "time" is when looking back at your life and how you spent it or seizing the opportunity and not throwing away "your shot"). From this project, we gathered further insight to the history behind the lyrics through the personography, displaying facts about historical figures (birth and death dates, occupation) and the map which pinpoints the locations mentioned in the musical. There is a lot of other information to take from the lyrics and a lot more insights to make, and we encourage you to look around.

For more information about the code behind our project, please visit our GitHub repository.

The work from this project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License

Array of cast photos and posters