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Course Description and Policies

Autumn 2016: Classes meet M W F 2:00 - 2:50 PM, 118 Powers Hall

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Complete all assigned readings before the class period on which they are listed.

Updates and revisions to this schedule will be announced in class and via Courseweb, and posted here.

Courseweb address:

  • NA-R: Norton Anthology: Romantic Period (vol. D)
  • NA-V: Norton Anthology: Victorian Age (vol. E)
  • CW: readings posted on Courseweb:
an illustration of Laura paying the goblins with a golden curl, made by Dante Gabriel Rossetti for Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

Week 1

Readings due

Assignments due

M 08-29

First day! Handout: Anna Barbauld, The Mouse’s Petition and The Caterpillar

W 08-31

NA-R: Anna Barbauld, Washing Day, pp. 50-52

F 09-02

NA-R: William Blake, All Religions Are One, There Is No Natural Religion, and Songs of Innocence and of Experience: just Songs of Innocence (1789) for today): pp. 116-125, and images on CW: Blake Materials folder: Songs of Innocence. See also William Blake Prints: Making the Plates

Week 2

Readings due

Assignments due

M 09-05

Labor Day Holiday: No classes.

W 09-07

NA-R: Blake, Songs of Innocence and of Experience: continue with Songs of Experience (1794): pp. 125-135, and images on CW: Blake Materials: Songs of Experience

RP 1 due

F 09-09 drop-add period ends

Web: Robert Southey, Poems on the Slave Trade, with CW: Blake Materials: Images of Little Black Boys powerpoint

Week 3

Readings due

Assignments due

M 09-12

French Revolution—Apocalyptic Expectations: Overview, + first 6 selections in "Texts and contexts"; with William Blake, "Auguries of Innocence"

W 09-14

NA-R: Anna Barbauld, A Summer Evening’s Meditation, pp. 43-45 with William Blake, The Mental Traveller and William Blake, The Crystal Cabinet

CW Assigments: Annotation Exercise 1 Set up in the Chrome web browser, and make a first annotation on Barbauld's A Summer Evening's Meditation.

F 09-16

CW:Powerpoint: Background on the Sublime, Beautiful, and Picturesque; with NA-R: Charlotte Smith, intro + Elegaic Sonnets and The Swallow pp. 53-59

CW Assigments: Annotation Exercise 1, continued See CourseWeb for options to continue annotating with

Week 4

Readings due

Assignments due

M 09-19

NA-R: S. T. Coleridge, intro + The Eolian Harp , pp. 437-441; plus listen to an Aeolian harp; NA-R: William Wordsworth, Ode: Intimations of Immortality pp. 335-341;

W 09-21

S. T. Coleridge, Dejection: An Ode and The Pains of Sleep pp. 479-484.

F 09-23

No class meeting: reading/review day

TEI Conference Annotations: Make two annotations on two different poems (a total of four annotations) from the following list:

Week 5

Readings due

Assignments due

M 09-26

Midterm Exam 1

TEI Conference

W 09-28

NA-R: Balladry and Ballad Revivals, pp. 31-39 (especially Sir Patrick Spens” and The Dæmon-lover); Mary Robinson, The Haunted Beach pp. 83-84

TEI Conference

F 09-30

Review ballad readings and Mary Robinson, The Haunted Beach from last class, with S. T. Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, pp. 443-459, CW: Reading Guide to Coleridge's Rime (posted in Online Course Readings)

TEI Conference

Week 6

Readings due

Assignments due

M 10-03

S. T. Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, pp. 443-459; Discussion.

W 10-05

Coleridge, Kubla Khan and Christabel pp. 459-477;

F 10-07

Coleridge, Christabel (discussion continued)

Week 7

Readings due

Assignments due

M 10-10

William Wordsworth, intro + Lyrical Ballads through The Thorn pp. 272-288;

W 10-12

William Wordsworth, Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey, with Preface to Lyrical Ballads, pp. 288-304

F 10-14

Class Cancelled: Reading and Annotating Day.

I am delivering a lecture at the Pittsburgh campus. Annotations + Short Paper: Assignment Options and Guidelines posted on Courseweb.

Week 8

Readings due

Assignments due

M 10-17

Fall Break: Monday classes meet on Tuesday this week.

T 10-18

NA-R: George Gordon, Lord Byron intro, poems through Darkness and So we’ll go no more a roving pp. 612-620

W 10-19

PDF edition of Byron, The Corsair, at least to the end of Canto the First (to page 18) (or somewhere halfway—through middle of Canto the Second Note for printing: This is 51 pages long (try printing multiple pages per sheet). I would like you to read the PDF version since it contains informative notes.

F 10-21

Finish PDF edition of Byron, The Corsair (Cantos the Second and The Third); start PDF edition of Byron’s “Beppo: a Venetian Story” Note for printing: This is 44 pages long, and once again you may wish to print multiple pages per sheet.

Week 9

Readings due

Assignments due

M 10-24

CW: finish Byron’s “Beppo: a Venetian Story”;

. . . .

W 10-26

Midterm Exam 2

F 10-28

Begin reading Frankenstein volume: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, to p. 35 (through Vol. I Ch. III). with my CW: Powerpoint: Sublime Places of Frankenstein

Week 10

Readings due

Assignments due

M 10-31

Frankenstein to p. 101 (through Vol. II Ch. VIII—the end of the Creature’s narration)

W 11-02

finish Frankenstein (to p. 161)

Introduce Annotation and Research Assignment

CW: Frankenstein Response Paper (1-2 pages): (assignment announced in class and posted on Courseweb: replaces quiz)

F 11-04

NA-R: John Keats, Intro (pp. 901-903); When I have fears that I may cease to be p. 911; and Odes: To Psyche, To a Nightingale, on a Grecian Urn, and on Melancholy (pp. 925-933)

Week 11

Readings due

Assignments due

M 11-07

NA-R: John Keats: The Eve of St. Agnes and La Belle Dame Sans Merci pp. 912-924

Annotation Research Assignment: Choose your text to annotate: Indicate your choice with an annotation on our Assignment page.

W 11-09

Discussion of NA-R: John Keats The Eve of St. Agnes pp. 912-922

F 11-11

Switch to NA-V: Alfred, Lord Tennyson intro, Mariana, The Lady of Shalott, pp. 1156-66; with Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sonnets: To George Sand: A Desire and A Recognition, pp. 1128-29.

Choose your text to annotate on the Annotation Research Assignment

Week 12

Readings due

Assignments due

M 11-14

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The Cry of the Children pp. 1124-28, read my slideshow notes on The Industrial Revolution and the Hungry Forties before class (also on Courseweb). Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (e-book of the Dec. 1843 edition) Staves I-II

W 11-16

Finish A Christmas Carol.

short Dickens exercise or quiz

F 11-18

NA-V: Victorian Issues: Evolution: Charles Darwin excerpts from The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man, pp. 1560-1572, with Tennyson, intro + stanzas from In Memoriam, pp. 1186-1189 and pp. 1206-1207.

Slides on Darwin vs. Religion: Darwin and the Victorians (also on Courseweb).

Week 13

Readings due

Assignments due

M 11-21

Christina Rossetti intro, Goblin Market (and all surrounding poems) pp. 1489-1509

Complete a draft round of annotations on the Annotation Research Assignment and choose a topic to investigate at greater length in the paper.

W 11-23 to F 11-27

Thanksgiving Recess: No Classes.

Week 14

Readings due

Assignments due

M 11-28

Revisit Christina Rossetti, In an Artist’s Studio, p. 1493, with Dante Gabriel Rossetti, intro, Jenny, and sonnets from The House of Life, pp. 1471-2, 1478-89

W 11-30

Robert Browning, Porphyria’s Lover, Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister, and My Last Duchess pp. 1278-1283

F 12-02

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Speckled Band (pp. 1830-48 in NAV)

Week 15

Readings due

Assignments due

M 12-05

Rudyard Kipling, intro, and start The Man Who Would Be King, pp. 1851 to break at top of p. 1863

W 12-07

Finish The Man Who Would Be King (to p. 1877), Kipling’s poems, pp. 1877-83

F 12-09 (Last Day of Classes)

Last Day / Catch-up Day

Annotation Research Assignment: Online annotated edition and paper on Courseweb due by 1:59 PM.

Final Exam Date: T 12/13

Final Examination: 3:15 PM in our classroom, 118 Powers Hall